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Nov 1, 1948 (Scorpio)

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    • Taking a day out to simply switch off from getting ready for Christmas, sitting back and pretend it's not happening.
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    • Do not start anything on the web that you haven't got time for because all other plans will go out of the window as you continue to play.
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    • It may scare the life out of you when the Grandchildren start driving, but they certainly come in handy for the odd lift or two.
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fa216299a77fd503c27ca41082a057694935609c As you know Crowdgather own Lefora, Yuku and Forumer.  I have not long realised that there is no reason why I can't have a profile and post on each and every one.

I joined Yuku way back in the beta days and along with Twitter it as been my main form of internet socialising.  I am now in the process of checking out the boards and blogs here on Lefora.

What gave me the idea is that the Crowdgather staff have now set up a Directory where all Crowdgather networks can promote their boards, blogs and profiles.  I have put the link on my profile.  Although the directory is on Yuku I am hoping that members of both Lefora and Forumer will visit and post their links there also so we can all start intereacting across the networks.

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